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With Sod Installation Services from Hedgehog Landscaping – a lush green grass becomes an overnight reality – it’s intended to establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion and is often chosen over the more labour and time intensive process of growing a lawn from seed.

The word sod refers to the blades of grass above the surface combined with the part of soil just under the surface that is held together by the roots. You may have also heard it referred to as turf. Both words, sod and turf, refer to the same thing.

Sod is grown on specialized farms within a 100km radius and shipped to the area directly prior to use.  The timing of ordering, shipping and installing is critical. Sod must be laid within a very short time after cultivation for the best results.

Sod installation, which is sometimes known as grass installation or or insta-lawn, may be something that you request as a stand alone service or as part of a larger outdoor revitalization project. Hedgehog Landscaping can accommodate both but booking early is highly recommended as the best time for sod installation is early in the growing season.

Proper preparation is vital to ensure your project results in a lawn you can be proud of.  First the area where the sod will be placed is cleared and the soil is amended with nutrients (lime and fertilizer being common additives). The area is then leveled and rolled flat prior to the laying of the sod.

Your new lawn may be walked on immediately after installation, heavy use is discouraged for at least three weeks. You’ll want to allow time for roots to get established if you are refreshing your yard for a summer graduation, reunion or wedding.

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